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Baltic Amber CANDY AMBER Healing Gemstone/Birthstone Teething Necklaces..Child///Adult///Family Necklaces///Mommy & Me

Baltic Amber CANDY AMBER Healing Gemstone/Birthstone Teething Necklaces..Child///Adult///Family Necklaces///Mommy & Me

21.99 USD
Baltic Amber CANDY AMBER Teething Necklaces(Pictured above in Maple Syrup Colored Amber with Mixed Jade, Cognac Amber with Mixed Jade, Cognac Amber with September Birthstone- Sodalite, as well as Honey Amber with May Birthstone-Malachite)

These teething necklaces offer you tonnes of unique versatility and style. I hand make each one as ordered so no two will ever be alike, giving you a completely one of a kind necklace!

YOU CHOOSE EVERYTHING... the amber color, the length and the gemstone/birthstone additions. You can even choose one gemstone accent, or make your necklace a beautiful rainbow... its all your choice! 

I even have Mommy and Me Options for matching necklaces!!! Making unique and beautiful Mothers/Family necklaces


Made using 100% Grade A Gemstone Accents

1.Garnet(burgundy/January Birthstone)
2.Amethyst(lavender/February Birthstone)
3.Amazonite(pale blue/March Birthstone)
4.Crystal Quartz(clear/April Birthstone)
5.Malachite(evergreen/May Birthstone)
6.Flourite(pale shades of purples/June Birthstone)
7.Ruby Zoisite(red/July Birthstone)
8.Peridot(lime green/August Birthstone)
9.Sodalite(blues and white/September Birthstone)
10.Opalite(Iridescent white/October Birthstone)
11.Tiger Eye(browns and yellows/November Birthstone)
12.Denim Jasper(blues/December Birthstone)

13.Lepidolite~ helps calm and refocus the mind(ADHD/ADD disorders)
14.Blue Lace Agate~ helps manage and relieve pain(arthritis, chronic pain disorders)
15.Hematite~ grounding stone, helps find comfort in new situations(starting school, new situations,or moving/relocating)
16.Jade~ calming stone, helps to relieve stress and anxiety(social anxiety disorders)
17.Rutilated Quartz~ provides respiratory healing(asthma/bronchitis, pneumonia)
18.Obsidian~ protecting stone
19. CANDY MIX...mix of any 4 stones from above or any 4 available jade colors here: pink, blue, orange, purple, green, yellow, red(pictured in pink jade, blue jade and Amethyst)PLEASE SEND YOUR COLOR CHOICES WITH PURCHASE

First off, I have been making these special Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces for over 10 years. I handmake each one, ensuring you the highest quality necklace available on the market. I have chosen each aspect of my necklaces based on their high performance and safety.
My Baltic Amber Necklaces are made using only genuine Baltic Amber, from Liepaja the capital of Lativa, right on the Baltic sea. It is 100% authentic!
Each necklace is handstrung on 100% ALL NATURAL PURE silk, with a knot between each and every bead. Pure silk is the strongest natural fiber available on the market. It can withstand being soaked and pulled without breaking down or retaining a foul odor. I use only the finest silk available on the market.
They are not only absolutely beautiful as an everyday accessory, but they also serve as a powerful natural analgesic pain reliever with anti-inflammatory properties.
Direct contact with your little ones skin, warms the baltic amber. Baltic Amber requires heat to release its incredible benefits. The substance in baltic amber that makes it so sought after is called Succinic Acid. It is a completely all natural substance which our bodies make in small quantities during injury or fever. For this reason it is completely HYPOALLERGENIC, and there are NO SIDE EFFECTS to its use.
Baltic Amber has been used and trusted for centuries. It is a fantastic alternative to over the counter remedies which can have long lists of contra-indications and scary side effects!

Please contact me for a different length

Cleaning instructions: Simply wipe with a damp cloth when soiled. Do not use soap as it will leave a residue over time that will mask the baltic ambers abilities

Not to be worn unsupervised or unattended, while sleeping or napping. Not intended to be chewed on, but worn directly against the skin. Check before/after each use to ensure there are no worn areas for optimal comfort and safety. Buyer assumes all responsibility for the use of this item. Thank you