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Signature Adult Baltic Amber Necklace

Signature Adult Baltic Amber Necklace

17.99 USD
*** This listing is for our Signature adult baltic amber necklace in cognac. Necklace is finished with an amber resin screw clasp(shown in double wrap at 36") Single wrap style also available***

Authentic Baltic Amber necklaces are worn to help alleviate pain and decrease inflammation. Body warmth heats the amber which then slowly releases Succinic Acid(a very gentle and all natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory) that gets absorbed through the skin. A great alternative to any medicinal treatments for pain, and the greatest part is that there are absolutely NO ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS to its use!!!

Baltic Amber is not a gemstone but actually a calcified tree resin that ranges in age from 20-90 million years in age.It has become world renouned for its abilities to manage and relief chronic pain and inflammation.
Succinic Acid is the all natural substance that makes baltic amber so unique. It gets slowly released when warmed by direct contact with the skin. You can increase its powerful analgesic properties by placing the baltic amber in direct sunlight prior to wearing it.
Baltic amber is found in its purest and most benificial form right next to the baltic sea. My baltic amber comes from Liepaja on the baltic sea. It is the purest baltic amber available.
Ailments that this amazing substance helps to manage and relieve include but are not limited to:
-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
-Migraine Headaches
-Menstrual Cramping
-Back Pain
-Chronic Pain
-Muscular Pain
-Morning Sickness,etc
-Acid Reflux
- It also helps calm and destress
There are absolutely no side effects to its use, and best of all, it is completely all natural.

I use 100% pure silk, and knot between each and every bead. Silk is the strongest, natural fiber available on the market. These necklaces are meant to be worn directly against the skin.

DO YOU REQUIRE A DIFFERENT LENGTH/COLOR/CLASP OPTION?***Please convo me for your special custom listing today! Thank you***